Seminole County Eviction

We’re eviction attorneys that help landlords recover property in Sanford and throughout Seminole county. An eviction in Seminole County is a seven step process.

Step 1: 3 Day Notice delivered to the tenant.

Step 2: Filing a complaint.

Step 3: Serving the tenant with a copy of the complaint and summons.

Step 4: Waiting five business days for the tenant to answer the complaint and pay money to the court registry.

Step 5: If the tenant does not answer, move for a default judgment.

Step 6: Obtain the default judgment at an ex-parte hearing at the courthouse located in Sanford.

Step 7: Deliver a writ of possession to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

In over 90% of my cases, the tenant does not both answer the complaint and pay money to the court registry. When the tenant fails to do those things, you are entitled to a default judgment for possession, which means you win automatically, as long as the complaint and notice were drafted and served properly.

How much does a Seminole County eviction cost?

Whether or not you represent yourself, you’ll have to pay court costs and other miscellaneous costs. Court costs can range from $300-$400 depending on how many tenants live on your property. Attorney fees vary from $600 to $1,200 for an uncontested case depending on the experience of the attorney and how much personal attention he provides to you and your matter.

How long does an eviction in Seminole County take?

About 3-4 weeks from start to finish.

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