Orlando Eviction Costs

As a landlord, the last thing you want to do is pay a lot of money just to get back possession of your property. Here’s what you should expect to pay for an Orlando eviction attorney and the process overall.

Eviction Court Costs

Whether or not your hire an attorney, certain court costs are unavoidable. These include:

  • $40-$50 per tenant for service. That amount consisted of the $10 the Court charges to issue a necessary document called the Summons as well as the $30-$40 that a service processor charges to serve the Complaint and Summons onto the tenant.
  • $185 filing fee. This cost is what the Court charges you to file your eviction Complaint.
  • $90 for the Writ of Possession. This cost is what the county sheriff’s department charges to serve the Writ of Possession onto the tenant and then execute that Writ by returning possession to you.

Eviction Attorney Cost

In addition to the court costs, you’ll also have to pay your attorney should you choose to hire one. The cost of an attorney varies based on experience and personal attention to your matter. Less-experienced attorneys generally charge less in legal fees. In addition, it will generally cost more to hire an attorney that will be readily available to answer any questions you have and to advise you about issues regarding your property.

Untypical Eviction Costs

If the case is contested, then your legal fees will increase substantially. As to how much, it depends what the tenant does to contest the eviction. If the tenant hires an attorney, then that usually means more work for your own attorney. Expect the legal fee to at least double for any contested case.

If you want to pursue a judgment for damages, which includes past rent owed, then having your attorney attend a separate hearing on those damages (the first hearing is on possession) will increase your legal fee by a couple hundred usually. Whether it is worth pursuing a judgment for damages is something you should talk to your attorney about. Often I advise my clients to not seek a judgment, even though this results in lower fees for my office.

What to Do Next

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