About Gideon Alper

For most people, being a landlord is not your full-time job. You have other things to do and worry about. When you find out that your tenant isn’t paying rent or is causing other problems, it is often a hassle and yet one more thing you have to deal with.

For me, it is not a hassle. I enjoy landlord-tenant law, and evictions are not just something I have to deal with. I handle evictions every day as part of my law practice, and I can take care of your eviction quickly and economically.

Our office is relaxed and my personality is low-key. I don’t wear a suit to work, my dog sometimes comes to the office, and I work a lot through email.

Gideon Alper

Direct: galper@alperlaw.com


  • University of California at Irvine, BA
  • Emory Law School, JD (with honors)


  • CNN Money
  • Fenuxe Magazine
  • Fox Business
  • Bankrate.com
  • SFGN Magazine


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