Orlando Eviction Attorney

Orlando Eviction Attorney

I’m an Orlando eviction attorney, and I help residential and commercial landlords evict problem tenants due to non-payment of rent or non-compliance with a lease. I strive to be the best eviction attorney in Orlando for your needs. You’ve come to the right place. I help clients with property throughout the greater Orlando area, including Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake counties.

I offer flat fees for Orlando eviction services so that landlords know in advance how much legal representation will cost them. The Orlando eviction process is governed by Florida landlord tenant statute Chapter 83.

Use my contact page or call (407) 476-6047. I will talk with you for free over to phone to determine your needs.

I’m a solo eviction attorney, which means that I will be the one handling your case from start to finish. I don’t have a paralegal or junior attorney do the work for me.

I’ve found that most Orlando eviction attorney websites don’t give much information about the eviction process. So I’ve included the below information so that you have a better idea about evictions in Orlando before you get started.

Orlando Eviction Attorney: Required to File Eviction?

No, you do not need an attorney to file an eviction in Orlando. However, the Court system is not relaxed when it comes to meeting the strict requirements of all forms and procedures to complete the eviction. Any error could result in the eviction failing and having to start over again. If you’d rather not worry about that, hire an eviction attorney.

I understand what it is like to deal with a problem tenant. I will work with you to take care of the entire eviction process from start to finish as fast as possible so that you can focus on other things. While you are not required to hire a lawyer, I’ll make sure it’s done correctly and quickly.

Orlando Eviction Process

Here’s the Orlando eviction process step-by-step:

orlando-eviction-notice1. 3 Day Notice to tenant .
2. Complaint.
3. Summons.
4. Tenant has 5 days to answer to the complaint.
5. If the tenant does not answer, move for default judgment.
6. Final judgment.
7. Writ of possession

For more detailed information on each step, check out my page on the Orlando eviction process. I charge a flat fee for all Orlando evictions.

Documents You Need for an Orlando Eviction

Copy of the Lease.
Copy of the 3 Day Notice (if you haven’t done this, I can help you with it).
Copy of any letters you have sent to the tenant.

Writ of posession

How Long Does the Orlando Eviction Process Take?

For an uncontested eviction case, up 3-4 weeks. If the case is contested, it can take longer.

How to Get Started

Get started immediately with the eviction process by doing one of these three things:

1. Contact me using the contact page.
2. Call my office at (407) 476-6047
3. Email me directly at gideon@galperlaw.com.

To speed up the eviction process, you can email me all the necessary documents.

What about Past Rent?

As part of the Orlando eviction process, we’ll include a claim for damages, such as past rent. That being said, if the tenant doesn’t have enough money to pay you rent, then he probably doesn’t have money to collect either.

Where to Find More Information about Orlando Evictions?

You can find some basic information the Orlando county websites discussing eviction. Here is information about Orange County, and here is some information from Seminole County.

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